POSK Action Program 2021 – abbreviated

This is an abbreviated version of our action program for the 2021 church elections.

POSK – a force to be reckoned with

The acronym POSK stands for “Partipolitiskt Obundna i Svenska kyrkan” – meaning that POSK is a nomination group ‘free from political party affiliation within the Church of Sweden’. POSK gathers groups and individuals who want to take responsibility in decision-making assemblies and councils in the Church of Sweden without being connected to one of the political parties and their political programs.

POSK is active in the entire country and is represented in all thirteen of the church’s dioceses. We form the second largest group in the Church Assembly and the largest non-political group. POSK forms a network gathering people active in the church on all levels, and in combination with the fact that POSK is present all over the country this makes POSK to a force to be reckoned with.


POSK envisions that the Church of Sweden will be a fellowship that reflects God’s will in worship and life and that speaks clearly about Jesus Christ.


POSK believe that the influence that political parties have on the church of Sweden must cease. Representatives from political party groups often strive to model rules and regulations for the church according to state and municipality principles. Decision-making bodies in the Church of Sweden should consist of democratically elected members who represent parishes, not political parties.

POSK wants to work for

  • a reformed and simplified electoral system that is less costly than the present
  • indirect elections to the diocesan and national levels, with representatives elected by the parishes
  • a restraint in remuneration of elected representatives to boards and councils
  • a structure where decisions concerning the parish are made as close to the members and the functions as possible
  • a deepened study of the theological foundation and commission of the national and diocesan levels of the Church of Sweden.


The framework of the Church of Sweden faith, creed and doctrine can accommodate different interpretations and views of Christian faith and life. This must be reflected also in worship and services with recognition for different expressions of faith. It is a richness for the Church of Sweden to harbour these various traditions and orientations of Church life and faith.

POSK believes that

  • a church with a responsibility towards everyone must counteract all forms of special treatment because of gender or other grounds for discrimination.
  • it is important that all people, regardless of sexual orientation or transgender identity and expressions, are welcomed with respect in the Church of Sweden.
  • the decision on marriages between people of the same gender previously made by the General Synod should be upheld in its entirety.
  • a generous attitude should characterise all encounters between groups of different understandings within the church.


The building of living and active parishes is the most important mission of the church and a shared calling for all church members. The parish and the congregation provide the foundation for the individual member as well as for the shared actions in the Christian community. The church should always speak up for the vulnerable and be ready to welcome all human beings.

POSK wants to work for

  • more volunteers to be recruited, educated, encouraged, and given responsibility.
  • support to congregations to be active in their ecumenical work
  • the use of Trainee projects and similar concepts as an instrument for recruitment
  • a readiness within choral and sacral music to provide room for musical expressions of the young.
  • more church musicians to have musical education included as part of their work
  • the creation of a plan for education and teaching for all, from toddlers to adults, in each individual parish.
  • active commitment in parishes to international aid and mission, and corresponding local funding


As Christians we are compelled to take responsibility for God’s creation and to live together in a sustainable way. POSK wants the Church of Sweden to actively work for raising awareness of contemporary challenges and to show an alternative way of life.

POSK wants the Church of Sweden to

  • ensure that each parish has access to a deacon.
  • increase its portion of the tax-funded public welfare system.
  • take responsibility for the creation by combatting climate change.
  • support Fair Trade and a sustainable use of the planet’s resources.
  • ensure that management of property is carried out responsibly and efficiently in an ethically and ecologically sustainable way.
  • protect the cultural heritage in our churches and make it accessible.


This is an abbreviated version of the POSK Action Program 2021. The whole program is available in Swedish.

Kyrkovalsinformation på olika språk, på Svenska kyrkans webb.