Short program – Church election 2013

Our vision

POSK – Partipolitiskt obundna i Svenska kyrkan – is the independent electoral group in the Church of Sweden. POSKs vision is that the Church of Sweden shall be a community that reflects the will of God in its life and its worship and clearly speaks of Jesus Christ.

POSK want the Church of Sweden to

•    offer its members involvement, fellowship, growth and depth
•    inspire trust, deliverance, hope and courage
•    see every individual in the congregation as a gift and a resource
•    respect the individual and welcome diversity
•    be a prophetic voice in society and show the way to a life of justice and freedom
•    be a bridge between churches
•    strive for an open dialogue between people of different faiths

POSK – a good choice

POSK are committed to
•    develop viable congregations
•    have freer affiliation to the local churches for members
•    have at least one deacon in every parish
•    focus long term on teaching and learning for all ages
•    work vigorously to strengthen the role of music in our churches
•    allocate church funds to international community service and mission
•    minimise remuneration of elected members of the church’s governing bodies
•    ensure a good working environment and encourage cooperation between different professional groups
•    foster increased collaboration between volunteers and employees
•    provide good education and training for employees
•    provide similar conditions for newly ordained priests and deacons during their introductory period
•    reduce disparities in church subscriptions in different parts of the country
•    strengthen the church’s children and youth movements
•    provide volunteer service as a way for young people to gain experience of working in the church
•    strengthen the important work carried out within the Church of Sweden’s foreign branch
•    ensure that funds raised for international work should not go to administrative costs
•    make sure that the Church of Sweden is committed to sustainable use of the earth’s resources
•    strive in the Church of Sweden for a more equitable distribution of the world’s assets

A free church – a really free church

POSK considers that
•    the Church of Sweden should be a living, open and democratic church that operates in the whole country
•    it is necessary to have a mission strategy where every individual is perceived as a gift and a resource in the congregation
•    congregations must  increase their responsibility for the welfare of the community based on their mission as a church
•    the Church of Sweden shall be an active participant in the social economy, for example in schools, homes for the elderly and clinics
•    Congregations who wish to drive funeral parlours under the Church of Sweden auspices should be allowed to do so
•    members of the diocese and parish councils must be well established in the congregations and therefore be elected by the congregations themselves
•    a simpler and less expensive electoral system must be introduced
•    bishops should be full members of the General Synod

Diversity – an opportunity

POSK strives
•    to promote respect and understanding between different traditions – diversity is richness
•    to ensure that the ecumenical work, i.e. cooperation between churches and denominations, continues with vigor
•    that everyone, regardless of sexual orientation, is treated with respect and is welcomed in the Church of Sweden and POSK
•    to respect both those who believe that marriage should be reserved for the relationship between a man and a woman and those who embrace the new vision of marriage – the most important is to show concern for the people affected
•    that it should be self-evident that there are deacons, priests and bishops of both sexes in the Church of Sweden
•    to counteract any discrimination based on sex